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Saturday, December 10, 2005

New Team Member

Hi Gangsters!

One week ago I asked If someone was interested in writing a weekly column/rant here on the PCL pages. And there was!!
Heather has already posted her inaugural (ha, ha - I had to look that word up!...) piece. It was about Lennon, Zen and Art.

The thought is that she'll be writing a piece each week about things and phenomenas of the pop cultural age that she thinks worth telling us about. It is her views and her words. If you want to give her feedback or just cheer her on there are two ways: either post a comment - or mail her at kvitsh@gmail.com (I will place her adress in sidebar asap).

I am very happy and honored to have her on board. She's an excellent and insightful writer.
PCL LinkDump is now an even more exciting place.

Welcome Heather!

/Z aka Sebastian


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