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Monday, December 11, 2006

Ferenc Puskás 1927-2006

Puskás Ferenc (at christmas time) Photo by Hemzô Károly

Ferenc Puskás, 1927-2006 - "Hungary’s and to many, the world’s premier football-wonder, top-class player of the "Golden Team". The only one who managed to rise to the top even abroad, leading Real Madrid to the glory of winning the European Cup, playing for both the Hungarian and later the Spanish national team. ..."

Homage to Ferenc Puskás by photographer Károly Hemz (via gmtPlus9 (-15))

Ferenc Puskás at Wikipedia
Ferenc Puskás - International Football Hall of Fame
Ferenc Puskas' 4 goals in the 1960 European Cup Final. See him in action at YouTube.
Gary Lineker interviews Ferenc Puskas and other Hungarian legends (also YouTube)
The funeral procession of Ferenc Puskas (in Budapest on December 9) (YouTube)

One of the greatest football players ever.