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Thursday, December 07, 2006

A Wild X-Mas With The Bomarr Monk???

O, Yeah. Definitely.

Last year, Bomarr put together and shared the excellent 'Wild Christmas with the Bomarr Monk' ("A 50-minute continuous mix featuring Grand Buffet, Wesley Willis, Daniel Johnston, Little Marcy, Wild Man Fischer, Suicide, Tiny Tim and much more.").

Now it is time for Volume 2. It's another continous mix of strange, outsider-ish, obscure or just plain fun tracks ("featuring Audio Two, Hasil Adkins, Crafty Ladies, Paska, Erlend Oye, Mojo Nixon, George W Bush and much more").
It is time for another Wild X-Mas With The Bomarr Monk!

Both compilations are available as 2 .rar files at the site.

To help Bomarr save some of his precious bandwidth you can also chose to download both the comps as uploaded by me (same tracks - same high quality).
- Wild Christmas With The Bomarr Monk, Vol. 1 (70,5 MB at files.ww)
- Wild X-mas With The Bomarr Monk, Vol. 2 (108 MB at sendspace)
(or alternatively at files.ww as 3 seperate files: Wild X-mas Vol2 Part1 (track 1-12), Wild X-mas Vol2 Part2 (track 13-24) and then the cover art work.)