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Monday, December 18, 2006

The audio for Christmas is served

Hi folks.

During the last 3 weeks I have been monitoring the web for Christmas audio. The result is the two permanent, mp3 filled socks (or at least the reindeer links will take you to them) you find in this post.
Thanks to all the blogs and sites out there sharing the christmas spirit.
And a specially warm Christmas greeting to Ernie (Not Bert) . If you just want to stick to one place to get your christmas hi-fi satisfaction I guarantee you that Ernie's blog IS the place. And he just promised "to start really rolling out the goodies for you". That is indeed a quite remarkable statement after the latest month's christmas audio extravaganza. Is this a miracle of Christmas or what!?

Also big thanks to those of you who sent me links and tips.

Those 2 posts have reached the end station. They will not be updated anymore. So, please do not send me more links or requests. Thanks. Now - hit the download button and get ready.

Merry Christmas!

/Z aka Sebastian