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Monday, December 04, 2006

Adeste fideles

Are they a lot of artists out there for whom you are completly and honestly faithful.
Not that much, being honest i can easily count them .
For me Louis Philippe is one of those happy few. Part of the great él records adventure ( surely the best record label ever, a vision, a practice, fantasy and some more fantasy) he wrote fantastic songs, for his records but also for the others él artists (Anthony Adverse, the king of luxembourg).
What' s the music like "from pure bubblegum to symphonic sweep, with detours via jazz and soul along the way" tells his website. For me he is the one of true elegance. Ravel, Poulenc, Jobim, Wilson, does it sounds a bit pretentious, not at all my dears, his music is all that and obviously his own.
Tired of running from one record label to another one, to raise money for his records, our man decided to produce them by himself. By himself, not exactly, with a little help from his friendly listeners.
Are you keen on the idea being a benefactor of the art ? That is exactly what happened with his marvellous latest studio Lp "The wonder of it all", made possible to record thanks to his "fans" subscription, the man decided to continue to work this way. This time it is his double live Lp, that you can buy directly from his website, a new Lp subscription is on its way.
I don't feel like joking, or saying stupid things, Louis Philippe's music really deserve all your ears out there.