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Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Routers: A Serendipitous eBay Mistake

I was looking for an inexpensive wireless N router and got this high up in the results:

The Routers - never heard of 'em - but that's 'cause it looks like something my Uncle Rudy would've offered to put on the HiFi for me because it was Rock n' Roll, while I waited for him to leave so I could get at his Playboy collection (why were a naked man and woman in bed in that cartoon?) . Who knew - industrialized session men music produced for the bargain bin of the sundries aisle of the grocery.... In addition they invented, and I quote: "clap clap clapclapclap clapclapclapclap let's go!" hence the cheerleaders on the cover of their third album pictured above which featured one of their hits, Stingray, present below along with the clap-happy Let's Go.

They briefly featured Leon Russell, who presumably ruined that experience like he did everywhere else he went. Black Cat Rockabilly Europe has a pretty good history and The Routers even have a Wikipedia page, too.


Dave said...

The Cars smash hit "Let's Go" appropriates the clapping and chorus of this song - it's a pretty straight lift and pretty cool if you ask me...

The Routers were just another exploitation hot rod high school band. Most likely The Wrecking Crew band

Stu said...

This track was used in "From The Earth To The Moon." Pretty excellent.