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Monday, February 07, 2011

Jazz from Italy, 1959

Cool jazz from Italians Basso/Valdambrini quintet. Of course I have never heard of them before because I am slowly trying to overcome the snobbish attitude that jazz needs to be played by Americans or it sounds like a re-creation. I liked this, so who knows, maybe there's hope for me yet.

Basso Valdambrini Quintet - Parlami D'Amore Mariù:


SwaG! said...

Just looking at these guys on the cover makes me wonder if they got the right attitudes for jazz.

"Man, look at my horn. It just doesn't do what I'd hoped it could do."

"Yeah. And look at this sax. I don't even know how the f@*% I got this."

Stu said...

I'm a medium-size jazz snob and I totally dug this tune. Thanks for introducing me, I look forward to researching the hell out of this quintet.