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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Galeria of Failed Dance Crazes: The Eggbeater

Dead Wax offers up the tune and fledgling dance craze (that died in the nest) "The Egg Beater".

Billboard, March 3, 1962 :

« The Egg-Beater, » new release by Dale Wright and the Wright Guys on the Starburst label and an accompanying dance originated by the lads, is taking off in this sector. WKRC-TV started the Egg-Beater Dance Contest on Glenn Ryle’s « Sub-Teen Dance Party’ several weeks ago, with finals held on the Ryle show before a studio audience Saturday (24). Bob Braun, at WLW and Bob Smith and Dick Provost, of WCPO, have also been spinning the new Wright release. Next Wednesday (28), Wright and his guys introduce the Egg-Beater tune and dance on the Dick Clark TV-er.

 Bonus track - Dale Wright "She's Neat":