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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Bent Bolt & The Nuts - Mechanical Man 1966

High quality audio version

I'm the mechanical man, I was built in a factory
my serial number is 084567123.

I'm designed in The U.S.A.
and manufactured in Japan.

Does anybody here know a robot girl
who wants to meet a mechanical man?

I was made out of stainless steel to protect my brain from rust,
there's a vacuum cleaner built into my chest that automatically picks up dust

I am 5 foot 8 inch tall
and as strong as a moving van
Does anybody here know a robot girl
who wants to meet a mechanical man?

I can fix an automobile
I can put up a Christmas tree
I can milk a cow
I can mow a lawn,
I can pour you a cup of tea

But I'm looking for someone
who could help me to charge my coils

and fill me up with batteries and feed me my daily oil

I would not care at all if she looked like a garbage can,
does anybody here know a robot girl who wants to meet a
chanical....chanical....OH NO!!!!

Hi-res scans of the picture sleeve HERE record label HERE.


the saucer people said...

This track is exactly why I ramdomly follow blog links because a couple of clicks away and you can strike bizarro cultural gold and this track most certainly qualifies....huge thanks for postin the YT link.

Electroid robo-funked vocoderesque madness from 1966! I am in arcane pop-cultural heaven and I have had to listen to the track half a dozen times before my brain would accept the fact this is real and not a product of my deranged imagination....just listen to that proto-motorik rhythm track! Stockhausen, Boulez and Cage move over...Bent Bolts & The Nuts were the real avant-garde of the sixties!

....whats the flipside all about I wonder?!?

Dick Cannon said...

I feel exactly the same way!!!!

I own a copy of the 45 w/pic sleeve. The flip-side is nothing special, sad to say. I think it is a bit of a country thing (instrumental). I'd have to dig up the record to be sure (everything is still packed away from a recent move). When I find it, I'll come back here and let you know the "facts".

But, really the A side is the shining star! This record pops up quite often on ebay as does some old ads from trade magazines.

Unknown said...

The late, great Kenny Everett championed this moving song in one of his 'Bottom 30' shows back in 1980. Sadly it didn't win - that accolade went to the crap-rap record 'Dance With Me' by a drunken Newsreader in the UK called Reginald Bosenquet (a much deserved honour). I suppose though that Bent Bolt's opus sort of did even better by not being good enough to even get into the 'Bottom 30' in the first place. As Everett himself said about Hughie Green's shite record that came in at No.30 - "what a terrible thing to be bottom of the bottom 30". Mechanical Man fell at the qualifying hurdeles. Great disc though - the sort of thing i would play at a romantic evening in with wine, candles and roses . . .

Mook said...

Side B was an instrumental by Teddy Randazzo called "Sweet and Sour".
I know this because I am looking at an ORIGINAL 45 that my older sister gave to me for Christmas in 1966.
To hear it in near mint condition sure brings back some memories!