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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Eyeball Fun - Hey Ange!

This first film is an archive.org special, so watch it and bone-up to what your eyes are all about. Related to it my mother was walking through downtown Chicago when she was young, (1935-45, she had me late) and got a piece of steel in her eye from a construction site, which was removed with a strong magnet. It left her iris permanently stained and she had one green and one blue eye as a result.

Next up is part one of Un Chien Andalou. I saw this in college, in a film class, but I already knew what was coming at the 1:05 mark. A couple of years later, I went to see David Bowie (the tour after Stage) and he opened the show with it. The audience were seemingly not film students/buffs, because when the razor scene happened the entire Philadelphia Spectrum screamed like someone had opened fire on them from the stage. Needless to say the crowd spent the remaining 11 minutes somewhere between recovery and WTF?!?!

Lastly, here is one of my eyes, for you to use as a reference:

Reference, for what I dunno, but have it.

Hooray for she-who-sees-all! (and gripes about it)


baikinange said...

Since my eyerolling capabilities are still limited I am unable to comment at this time. Other than to say two posts on the first of the month? You're all set until April!

glyphjockey said...

You're supposed to say "my god! whatta byooteful eye!"

jayKayEss said...

Shit, now I gotta post something too.

baikinange said...

I think ten comments equals one post, I'll have to check on that.