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Monday, February 21, 2011

Welcome to Hell

Lileks has a new site! It's not quite finished - well, I'll let him say it:

Hey, it’s an unfinished site with only one thing on it! That must mean it’s in “beta.” But since there’s a lot of content in that one link, then it’s maximum beta - or, to make it really super 70s, “Betamax!” Ha ha. Can I write for the Hudson Brothers’ Summertime replacement variety show now?

Don’t know who the Hudson Brothers were? We’ll get to that.

But what's there so far is a blast.


Dave said...

Lileks is horrible. I'm surprised to even see his name mentioned this late in the game

Somehow Lileks manages to ruin the retro and vintage material he claims to love. This is done because he is unable to let art speak for itself, but must blab and type his nonsense over it. He's like an idiot at a party, not able to just shut up and eat his corn chips

Have you ever heard his podcasts? He makes out like he's sitting in a ghost diner and the dude can't shut up. He's an abomination to those with real intellect

Lileks...jesus christ, he's horrible Muriel...

jayKayEss said...

I cannot find this "Betamax" site of which you speak. Is this the deal where I pay him like he's PBS? Do I get a canvas tote bag?