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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Trippy Ginger Rogers Pig Latin

First time I really got into these types of movies was when I was just out of high school and discovering herb (not Edelman, him I was already familiar with). While watching them my old man who had finally been forced to buy a 25" color portable TV (his conditions/reasons for putting it off) would come in and yell, "What the hell are you watching THIS for?!?!?! We finally got a COLOR TV and THIS is what you watch?!!?" I was watching color *wink. Either way it was quite an overwhelming spectacle for the newly stoned Lex10, what with the shopping mall sized sets, the Busby Berkeley imagery, and whatnot. These particular few seconds are well and truly classic.

A couple of observations of these few seconds: The focus pulling going in and out bespeaks (?!) a time before cinematic technological perfection - there's humans at work, and it's poetically beautiful to me. Secondly, that Ginger Rogers is a real sexual response producer and at the time, I was in love with her . Third, trippy, innit?



Richard said...

Wow, yes that is totally trippy! Very cool, but trippy. :)

mcyeager said...

that just broke my brain.