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Sunday, June 12, 2005

On the 7:th day...!

Behind Closed Doors At A Recording Session is a "... spoken word with music piece made in 1959 as a promo give away/test record by JBL it might be the most deluxe test record in the archive, and while it dosen't have the blips and bloops I dig so much it has some great narative and the musik ain't so bad but your not listening to this to dig on the tune it's to learn ya up somethin' bout them there sound making platters which come in the cardboard envelope so next time you won't add so much dobly and ruin the mix.
It comes with a 4 page "glossary provided in the pdf. It's an emphemeric biscut to be sure was thinking it would've have been sweet if they had made on of these with a Rock band like say Ultimate Spinach maybe they did? anyone? ..."

Great project Gerb! Thank you.