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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Earthquakers

Pastor McPurvis has a new offering for us vinyl vultures: "This week we are featuring the refreshing Now Sound of the Earthquakers. Led by musical director Issachar Miron, the group combines original compositions with complex, multi-instrument and wordless vocal arrangements to create an album of 12 extremely fun to listen to tracks. Issachar Miron was not a name that was familiar to me, and after reading his bio, I’m wondering why. Why this man who has worked with such diverse singers as Pete Seeger, Chubby Checker, and Jan Pierce, wrote film and television scores, is well represented in the classical music world, and is a leading Jewish liturgical music composer has not shown up on my musical radar before now is beyond me. As I said, this album is a blast to listen to. ..."
Whistlin' in the Sunshine - The Earthquakers