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Friday, June 10, 2005

2 memes

This first meme was passed on to me in a quite hostile manner by MrBaliHai. But I'll try to answer it anyway, cause I'm such a nice dude.

It's a music kind of meme:

The volume of music on my computer:
About 1 GB at the moment.

Song playing right now:
'Weary Blues' by Madeleine Peyroux

The last CD I bought was:
Lee Hazlewood - Poet,Fool or Bum/Back On the Street Again (Both Lps on one CD)

Five songs that mean (in the sense that they meant) a lot to me:
'Loose' - The Stooges
'Gates of Eden' Bob Dylan
'Acknowledgement' (the first piece on 'A Love Supreme') - John Coltrane
'Weight Lifting Lulu' by The Residents
'River Man' by Nick Drake

The other meme is a very short (that is good! ;-)) literary meme passed on to me by stralunato.

5 books you plan to read this summer?
I never plan to read books. It just happens. But there are some books I would like to read (not the same as "planning").
1. Tommy Lee's book
2. Gurdjieff by John Shirley
3. Sorority Snob
4. My own poetry book (still to be written... and published...)
5. Lot's of thrillers.

I will not pass these memes on. I think they'll spread like wild fire anyway...