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Sunday, June 19, 2005

What??? I have no mention!?

From Wikipedia: "Definition of eccentricity - Eccentricity is necessarily defined relatively. For the purposes of this article, an eccentric is someone whose behavior, beliefs and/or hobbies deviate in a significant way from the accepted norms of their society, but otherwise can function largely as normal in society. He or she may be regarded as strange, odd or at least unconventional, irregular and erratic. Other people may regard the eccentric with apprehension but also with considerable amusement. ..."
Well, I couldn't find mrdantefontana anywhere, however this list(s) still carried some names of interest - like Edith Sitwell; G. I. Gurdjieff; Aleister Crowley; Syd Barrett; GG Allin and of course - Michael Jackson.
List of people widely considered eccentric (via Daily Mecury)