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Thursday, June 16, 2005

For the record...

Dear Readers!

The foundation for this blog is my love of sharing (and the love of finding).
I think I'm doing a decent job. But I do not know for sure.
A good way telling me I'm doing a good or bad job is to leave a comment once or while.
This site has never before had such an high level of page load activity. The Average Visit Length is for the first time over 3 minutes (based on approximatly 700 vistits a day).
But I get less and less comments. I get more mails regarding PCL than comments these days.
Isn't that strange?

It's not that I need you to comment every goddamn post. But if you like this blog and want it here a little feedback here and there wouldn't hurt.

I'd probably do this anyway.

But I get more inspired by feedback.
So, feedback: better blog.

With love from the PCL headquarters

/Z aka Sebastian

Update: Thanks. I appreciate it! Now you guys don't have to leave any comments for the rest of the year... ;-) Kidding!