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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Week 15: The saviours from Sweden

These days there seems to be a genre for every other odd record ever made. Here at the office we found a real goodie. Suck on this lollipop: Swedish, Christian, instrumental surfrock. It´s not exactly a big genre, so far we only turned up one track. Recorded in 1966 by Eko-teamet, for their EP on Cantino, surrounded by three really lame Salvation Army type songs, which you are graciously spared. But we´re searching for more in this newly found genre. There might just be another one out there.

While we were digging in the old country we found a dusty tape of something really special, mainly for the Swedes. Although some of you weirdos out there in Never Neverland might enjoy the highpitched screams. It´s Swedish popstar Carola Häggkvist recorded live, in religious ecstasy, at a meeting with the sect Livets Ord (Word of Life) sometime in the mid 1980s. This was actually played on Swedish national radio back then, presented by radiohost Ulf Elving: and that´s just what you´re about to hear now. Good-old fashioned shouting for the need of discipline, obedience and some nearly-throwing-up moments of ecstasy. Or is that a demon trying to escape?

10 Vid hans kors (By His Cross) - Eko-Teamet
11 I religiös extas (In Religious Ecstasy) – Carola

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Updated: Tjena, Familjeliv! Hoppas ni har det bra och att ni har hälsans underbara gåva från ovan! Kom gärna å hälsa på i framtiden också. PCL LinkDump (dvs den blogg ni just nu diggar Carolas extas ifrån) är en härlig blogg med tonvis av roliga länkar. Va, fan! Man får väl passa på å göra lite reklam... ;.).
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