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Monday, August 01, 2005

Hawaii Five-O

"Hawaii Five-O was a breath of fresh air for TV audiences in the late '60s. It was a cop show, sure. But what set it apart was the fresh writing, the Hawaiian settings, and of course, the music. Morton Stevens, director of CBS's West Coast music department, was commissioned by series creator Leonard Freeman to come up with the music. ...
Each track on this album is the real thing, heard in over 200 Five-0 shows. Most people The Keeper has talked to think The Ventures wrote the theme. While they did record a popular version of it, it was Morton Stevens himself who composed it. You'll hear the full original theme here, along with incidental music used in the show. One bonus: if you listen closely "Call To Danger", you'll hear what would a few years later become the music for the CBS Special introductions."
Read more over at The Department of Records and enjoy Hawaii Five-0: Music From The TV Sound Track.