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Monday, December 06, 2004

Two Sides of the Trilogy

Magnus is extatic: "Strange! Hypnotic! Eerie sounds from an obscure lounge trio, recording this LP for the "Strange Productions" label... Wow... I first heard tracks from this LP on a Subliminal lounge CD made by my friend Stefan at Subliminal Sounds in Stockholm, my inspiration when it comes to this kind of psychedelic lounge gem's.
I managed to win a copy on eBay and heard more tracks, some more suited to the ME-in-me at the time, My God, I consider this LP a masterpiece, and if you meet me in year 6017, and ask about it, I hope I still treasure it like I do now."

I'm listening to it while writing this.. and I'm beginning to build up a pretty serious extatic mood here myself too! IT IS WAY OUT COOL! Thanks Magnus!
Two Sides of the Trilogy