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Sunday, December 05, 2004

1 year - 52 weeks - tons of music

Jan Turkenburg's 52 weeks project is now on 50. And 50 means Koffie Konserten - Coffee Concerts (In wich Jan, himself, is one of the recorded performing artists!).
So it's week 50. Not much left of this huge music-sharing project! I think it's high time to meet the man behind all of this. So, here's a short interview:

Z - Why are you doing this?

Jan - I've been asking myself that same question the last two months :-), but I just started it for fun, because I liked the 365 days project of Otis Fodder to have some kind of follow up. Also I wanted to get the dutch unusual and amature music some attention

Z - What kind of music are you into privately?

Jan - There's really no particular genre that I like best. I must say I listen to the music I download from netlabels most, music of "real people"

Z - Do you have any favorite week/release in this project so far?

Jan - I don't have one particular favorite, but I prefer the ones like Toos Ligtenberg, Purple Brain, Quirass, weirdomusic and of course The water wind and sail-project of which I'm really proud. Well maybe that last one is my favourite, yes...

Z - Do you ever dream about becoming a huge rock star?

Jan - No way! If I ever do it'll be in a nightmare. I enjoy the attention I'm getting in local newspapers now and on the internet, but apart from that I like my nice and quiet private life.

Z - Will there be other projects after this? I mean - this year must have been busy for you.

Jan - It sure was (sometimes a bit too) busy for me. I'm not certain what to do next,
Splogman's world will continue and there will be downloads from time to time. I want to have more time to compose. What I've been thinking of is a way to get more people make their own music and send it in. A new project would be in that direction. It's nice we have another netlabel, I mean WMrecordings that can get those works published.

There won't be a project that takes a year anymore. It has been nice, I made some great new friends and I'm glad we've made it this far, but a year is just a bit too long...



splogman said...

omg, half of those links don't work anymore...

mrdantefontana said...

Well. After all this was a long time ago.

splogman said...

yeah you're right, centuries ....