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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Week 54 - Oddities, Dezurik Sisters

The Dezurik Sisters are probably more well known as the Cackle Sisters, a more apt name when describing their singing style. They didn´t release many commercial recordings in their day, only three 78s on the Vocalion label in the late 1930s. Quite lovely.
15. Dezurik Sisters – I Left Her Standing There (Vocalion 4616-A)
16. Dezurik Sisters – Arizona Yodeler (Vocalion 4616-B)
17. Dezurik Sisters – Sweet Hawaiian Chimes (Vocalion 4704-A)
18. Dezurik Sisters – Guitar Blues (Vocalion 4704-B)
19. Dezurik Sisters – Go To Sleep My Darling Baby (Vocalion 4781-A)
20. Dezurik Sisters – Birmingham Jail (Vocalion 4781-B)

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Updated Nov. 5th 2006: The Dezurik Sisters tracks (and much more) can be found at the entry for the Oddities, mp3 comp.