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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Ansel Adams' Lost Los Angeles

The Newsy Again
Click it for slightly better view at Flickr.

"... I was running a search in the Los Angeles Public Library's immense online collection of photographs when something in a record caught my eye, the name "Ansel Adams." The image attached to this record was of a parking lot with a cars jumbled together around a prominent No Parking sign.
I don't normally associate Ansel Adams with parking lots or small format images at all. Like you, Adams means the classic evocation of the great American wilderness in photography to me. It never crossed my mind that he had photographed any of the cities of men, much less Los Angeles. But there it was. ..."
Ansel Adams' Lost Los Angeles Found, a set at Flickr uploaded by Gerard Van der Leun. (via MetaFilter)