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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

... The Hottest Band In the World! ...

My first musical love: KISS.
My hero and icon was of course Ace Frehley. I guess he, sort of, was my first space-age encounter.
Sadly I was a little late. It was 1982 and the album was "Creatures of the night" (Ace is on the album cover but it's Vinnie Vincent who plays on the album).
But It was good enough. I had the back catalogue to discover.
Here's Kiss' YouTube (and some other enjoyable links) madness.

History of Kiss, the history so far presented in this short film. (for beginners...)
Important KISS Dates - a list of significant dates in the history of KISS (Wikipedia)
Gene Simmons Biography Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4.

"Black Diamond" , Live On ABC's Dick Clark's In Concert 1974.
"Parasite", B/W photage: Awesome live sequence from1974.
"Deuce", the Midnight Special tv show 1975.
"Firehouse". Live on the Mike Douglas show 1975.
"Got to chose". B/W photage. Live 1975.
"C'Mon & Love Me", promo video 1975.
"Hotter Than Hell", live 1976.
"I want you", promo video 1976.
"Detroit Rock City", on The Paul Lynde Halloween Special 1976. Amazing!
"God of thunder" Live at Roosevelt Stadium, 1976
"Shock me", live Houston, 1977.
"Hooligan" , live Houston, 1977.
"Rock n roll all nite" (originally from the 'Dressed to kill' album - 1975) from Alive 2 tour 1978.
Check out this Excerpt from "Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park" (the 1978 tv movie, link goes to a review). Here's the IMDb entry.

"VCD-quality excerpt from the movie: the super-exciting KISS vs. the Evil Space Snow-Monkeys fight sequence." This was downloaded from Lee Rosevere's fantastic blog: Fudgeland. Thanks!

"New York Groove" The hit from Ace's solo album as performed on the Kiss tour (live in Largo 1979).
"I was made for loving you", the promo video from 1979.
"Shandi", Video 1980.
"She's So European", German TV Promo 1980.
"Talk to me", Italy TV Promo 1980.
"A World Without Heroes", Video 1981.
"I", Tv show performance of this track from Music from 'the Elder'. Probably 1981.
"I Love It Loud", video 1982. (and here is a tv-show version taped in Holland(?).)
"Creatures of the night", live in Rio 1982.
The first unmasked interview. 1983.

I think we'll end this in 1983. ..

KISS on Jay Leno with Garth Brooks in "Hard Luck Woman".
Gene Simmons in Miami Vice ('Prodigal Son') 1984.
Gene Simmons sets his hair on fire. Short, but exciting clip. Don't try this at home.
1970's/80's Commercial for the KISS Dolls.

Updated: Chaz invites us to his blogs dedicated to KISS videos (and related).