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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Mediterranean McFerrin

Bacco Baccanels is an Italian singer/songwriter (or cantautore, if you like to impress your lady) who has developed his own very unique and very funny delivery: An ecletic mix of scat, beatboxing and bathtub singalong, a bit like a Mediterranean Bobby McFerrin, but with his own peculiar twist. Musicucina, kitchen music, is how he calls it, and if that's what he does while cooking then his house guests usually must be in for very entertaining evenings.

He's self-released two albums so far which are both available as free downloads on his website. The first one, Lavori di bocca (which loosely translates as "Work Of Mouth"), is a rough two-track home recording and sounds a bit like he really did it while showering. But the second album, Bollate Centro (dedicated to his home turf), recorded over five years and released some weeks ago, is a real treat. Start with the lovely Capsula spaziale ("Space Capsule"), which is probably the sweetest hymn to space travelling with a pig you'll hear in a lifetime.

(Thanks El Rocco)