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Monday, March 06, 2006

Pictures From Orion

The work of Brazilian street-artist-cum-photographer Alexandre Orión has already been around a couple of blogs, and quite rightly so: His street art looks cool and self-assured, but his decision to tuzn it into set pieces for little dramas and comedies really is one of those strokes of genius that I can only envy and admire. How he transforms little acts of urban redesign into short stories that are both touching and amusing, that is truly remarkable.

Metabiotics is how he calls this juxtaposition of fixed objects and mobile people, borrowing from the textbook definition that says it is an

intermediary symbiosis; a more indirect dependency in which the second organism uses something the first created, however after the death of the first

Well, as far as I am concerned he may call it whatever he's fine and dandy with, I just think these are very original pictures.