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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Week 52 - Oddities, Monsieur Cannibale and Friends.

Jonas Nordwall is one the best organ grinders (yes, we’re quite fond of them) around, leaving you somewhat dizzy swaying around the room.

Jonas Nordwall

Sacha Distel was a well known feature on the charts in France during the 1960s and -70s. When you’re as productive as him there’s bound to be an odd track or two. Our favourite by Sacha has to be the one about Monsieur Cannibale – what a strange man. This song was also turned into a Swedish version (Sonet) in 1967.

5. Jonas Nordwall – Mama Mia
6. Jonas Nordwall – Pinball Wizard
7. Sacha Distel – Monsieur Cannibale
8. Ernie Englund – Monsieur Cannibale
9. Sacha Distel – Mister Casanova

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