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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

1971's AURORA'S Monster Scenes

"In a time where complaints about violent video games turning kids into cold blooded killers is the flavor of the month, it seems odd that a toy could have been made in 1971 that prompted such outrage, that it makes the most violent of video games and their ilk pale in comparison. ..."

"MIX 'EM and MATCH 'EM - MONSTER SCENES - Get All 8! - Rated X... for Excitement"

"... This morbid series of 8 different model kits featured the evil Dr. Deadly, Frankenstein's Monster, Vampirella, various torture equipments (one lovingly titled "The Pain Parlor"), and perhaps the most disturbing model subject of all "THE VICTIM". ..."
Monster Scenes: A Look At the Most Gruesome Toy Ever Made, article by Robert Berry for retroCRUSH.
More about AURORA's Monster Model Kits can be found here.