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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Week 50/51 - Oddities: the Incredibly Strange Swedes

We’re off again for another month and a half with…well…not sure what to call this stuff. Oddities? Yes, that’s probably the common thread here. One of the greatest Swedish outsider classics is this single (EMI, 1971) by Reco (link goes to the excellent Swedish site/club Sunkit. In Swedish only). Apparently Reco didn’t know a word of English which didn’t stop him from singing in English; he simply went along with what he thought sounded like it. Despite much research no one has yet been able to track him down. You might as well have a listen to the fabulous Swedish lady: Anna-Lisa Ingemanson (also Sunkit...). Sweden’s answer to Mrs. Miller, although the latter seems quite normal by comparison.
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Two more Swedes. Don’t know much about Nils Waldemar, anyway here he is doing a somewhat odd live performance of his self-penned 1960s song "Dancing in Stockholm Tonight".
Then you better brace yourself cause you’re about to hear a truly great outsider classic. Sixten Jansson's single (EMI, 1980) is…well…really beyond description. Whatever possessed EMI to release this one we probably never will know. Today they refuse to talk about it and hardly acknowledge its existence. As Sixten himself found out the hard way when he released an album in 2002. Wanting to add on the original single EMI refused him to do so, forcing him to re-record it instead. And a nice little album it was – there’s no stopping the music.
Sixten in 2004, contemplating succees
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1. Reco – Jolly Jolly Buddy Buddy
2. Anna-Lisa Ingemanson – Daiga-Daiga-Duu
3. Nils Waldemar – Dancing in Stockholm Tonight
4. Sixten Jansson – Don’t Stop the Music

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Note: More fantastic stuff like this can be found at Bellybongo's marvelously put together SUNKA GÅ GÅ! Volumes: 1, 2 & 3.