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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Soul Music

Dartman shares fond memories from when he was a kid: "... I knew the ABC Saturday night line-up very well. Starsky and Hutch at 8, The Love Boat at 9 (that always seemed like a two hour show for some reason) and Fantasy Island at 10. My dad loved Starsky and Hutch just as much as I did and even owned two of David Soul's albums, which I am proud to have inherited. Watching the shows now brings mixed feelings. It makes me sad to watch them without him, but it also reminds me of the great times we had watching them together. ..."
David Soul (Hutch) and his first self-titled album. It's actually a quite decent album I can tell. Not very good. Not very bad. I would file it under: 70s singer/songwriter (but I don't think Mr. Soul wrote many songs himself) with a touch of white soul. But with memories like Dartman's I guess it really can touch your heart.
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