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Wednesday, March 29, 2006


When you start a blog you of course want an audience or at least some readers appreciating your posts. I know I did. I wanted to share my interests with kindred spirits and maybe reach a few not so kindred but open minded ones. And I think I have done just that.
I am spending A LOT of time trying to make this blog a nice experience for everyone interested. Sometimes I am doing a good job. Sometimes not so good of a job.
What's also important to me is to have fun and to stick to the concept I always had here. Pop Culture Links. High and low.

But today I'm grumpy and a little bitter. For the moment this blog has around 1000 hits per hour.
Yes, you heard me - T H O U S A N D hits per H O U R.
I should be proud. Or at least a little happy.
But I'm not.

For the first time in the history of this blog I've decided to delete an entry (I can't hyper link to it cause it'll not be there any more). But it involved a dead bear and a naked pop star giving birth.

I will not tolerate that PCL LinkDump forever will be linked to that trashy pop singer. There was nothing wrong with the entry. It just got burning hot.

I like to think of the readers of PCL as more or less sophisticated, open minded and classy. The audience I am getting hit by now is more or less perverted narrow minded people who will never come back. It's like the tsunami of deadbeats.

I have deleted the actual post to avoid it being indexed by the search engines in the future.

Sorry for this outburst.

/Z aka Sebastian

Updated: I think I have to clarify myself: There was nothing wrong with the entry with the link to Daniel Edwards piece of art. I enjoyed it. I thought it was great fun.
What I didn't like was the kind of attention this blog got. There was several not so bright comments as well as several not so clever emails in my in-box. And, as I said a tsunami of people consisting of either horny school boys or moralists with several white spots for art, happenings and/or art performances swooshing through this URL like it was a hot knife in butter (over 13 000 hits yesterday before I deleted the post - today it's back to good old 1800). That is not the attention PCL is striving for. I do not regret posting the link. I just happen to misplace it. Ok?!