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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Week 42 - THE 45s Part 1

We’re off again. This time we’ve been browsing through the 45 racks. No fancy collectors stuff just some unjustly forgotten 45s and some justly so. All in glorious vinyl transfers with bumps and grinds. First out is a biker 7” from the singer of The Leather Nun, Jonas Almqvist. We let him tell the story: "'Lucky Strike' was recorded by SMC Ål Star Blosband, a side-project of mine. Actually a number of Swedish campfire-musician bikers, which I got together for a band to play at a very large biker meeting in Sweden early fall 1985. The gig was a laugh and much appreciated, playing a standard bikerparty-repertoire. Personally, I was trés content with just playing lead guitar in the band. After the one-off performance, I suggested a recording of a single with original material to be sold as a souvenir to bikers who'd attended the meeting. After a quick rehearsal (due to the biker-musicians being scattered all over Sweden), two tracks were recorded at Decibel Studios. The A-side was a track called 'A Bikers Fucking Hell' and dealt with the pains and problems that can surround a biker's life. I supplied the song Lucky Strike, for the B-side. The vocalist, a big harp-blowing geezer, didn't approve of the sexually bragging lyrics. After I'd recorded several layers of feedback-guitars, I stepped up to the mike and cut the vocals."
How Do I was a Danish band, that did an LP in the early 1990s and then disbanded. This 45 from 1991 is their striking cover of ABBAs 'Knowing Me Knowing You'. Produced by the Nomads legendary knob turner 4-Eyed Thomas. Our copy has been scribbled on by the singer, saying; No, I don’t regret anything. No, neither should you Anders. Cause this is one of the better ABBA covers we’ve ever heard.

pcl2 pcl2
(Click covers for large views)

1. SMC Ål Star Blosband – A Biker´s Fucking Hell
2. SMC Ål Star Blosband – Lucky Strike
3. How Do I – Knowing Me Knowing You

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