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Monday, June 09, 2008

Weirdo bad song contest

Bad Song Contest

That's right, Weirdo Records is holding a bad song contest.

To compete simply send in your bad song. It can be submitted on any recorded format. Reels, 2-track tape, 16rpm lps, wax cylinders, beta tapes, etc are perfectly welcome alongside more popular formats. If you prefer you may also submit a score or even some mere rough chord charts/lyrics/directions.

It's completely up to you to decide why the song is bad. Perhaps you know a creepy song that's quite fascinating. Perhaps there's an especially annoying song you find very intensely mediocre. Perhaps you know one that unduly pushes the limits of what could be called a song. Or you may think some entangled aesthetic combination of all of the above. The song does not necessarily have to be written/recorded by you, although originality is a factor of the judging process.

Submissions must be recieved at Weirdo by September 1st, 2008 & will not be returned. Qualifications, disqualifications, & other decisions are entirely at the discretion of Weirdo. However please note that your comments are more than welcome & all submissions will be given due consideration.

The winner of the bad song contest will receive a $50 gift certificate to Weirdo, so be sure to include your contact info along with your submission. Winner, runners up & honorable mentions will be posted on this page as they come in for all to see, hear, & guffaw over. The winner will be announced on the Weirdo email list & posted here promptly upon the end of the submission period.

What are you waiting for?

Send your submission to:

Bad Song Contest
Weirdo Records
652 Somerville Ave. #3
Somerville, MA 02143