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Monday, June 09, 2008

Red Rape

"Red Rape is that rare sleazy pulp novel that actually lives up to its lurid cover illustration and alarmist subtitle (IT CAN HAPPEN HERE!) within the first two pages. It was a canny choice on the part of the publisher to use the popular - and in this case suggestive - civil defense rallying cry for the book's jacket slogan because it no doubt appealed to the patriotic and prurient interests of the anti-Communist pervs who purchased the book back in 1960. Indeed, the prolific author Connie Sellers* (who is a man) seems to have taken the subtitle as something of an editorial mandate and produced an "anything goes" Soviet invasion fantasy that eclipses anything in John Milius's wildest RED DAWN wet dreams. ..."
Read the full story of this sleazy anti-commie pulp novel over at Conelrad.