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Monday, June 23, 2008

"My first visit to the movies"


2 years ago I invited people to sniff the vinyl of their favorite record.
The post (and the tales of the sniffers) turned out to be a very fun and interesting one.

Now I have invited friends and cool cats for a new assignemet.

What I wanted to hear about this time was: "My first visit to the movies"

I asked people to tell a little about their first (memorable) visit to a movie theater or cinema.

What film was it? Popcorn? Was there a trailer? Who were you going with? What did the theater look like? How were the seats? How was the smell? Were you scared? Did you have to leave for the restrooms in the middle of the show?
All these are questions they got to digest while searching their past.
First stories are in. Every single submission / story will get it's own entry.
All of the posted stories will be reached by clicking the label: "My first visit to the movies"
Let the posting begin - and let the curtains open!
/Z aka mrdantefontana