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Friday, June 27, 2008

Grab Bat Guano's Booty

Here is your weekly SwaG!, the radio program of Bat Guano.

It began as the usual SwaG! for the first hour. And the Green Slime was without incident... and then Mr. Guano decided to comment on this story, “Recording Industry Decries AM-FM Broadcasting as ‘A Form of Piracy.’”

It would seem that the RIAA would like radio disk jockeys to stop playing music for free. You know -- promoting songs, giving artists exposure. It is a stunning reversal from their traditional practice of payola.

The Dr. (of the following program “Rock and/or Roll”) had to clean the mic off.

If you wish to hear Bat Guano rant, or just want to hear his unique mix of punk rock and ragtime hits, go here. You will also be tempted to steal (listen to, for free) the radio program, but don't do that.