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Monday, June 09, 2008

The Long Lost 1934 George Bush / John McCain Tijuana Bible

"We recently came into possession of one of the rarest and most sought after of documents. Which one, you ask? The long lost 1934 JOHN McCAIN BIBLE. YES. THAT ONE. To collectors of the TRULY ODD and UNMENTIONABLE you already know what this means. Yes, it exists! ...
The still-sealed box, purchased from a dumpster diver who fetched it from the curbside trash outside Mr Hartford's Bahamas residence last month, arrived without ceremony or description at our steps last Tuesday. We had purchased it for scrap. ...
"OBLIGING LADY" - the 1934 Tijuana Bible long sought after by historians as the oldest known document to feature George Bush and John McCain. We're not teasing, we have it right here to show in complete eight page detail. And in what we must refer to as an intimate embrace! We're talking filthy intercourse! ...
Ready for it? This John McCain George Bush Bible is in fact a "Lieberman Squeezer" - specifically Catalog Item #103-B! ..."
Ethan Persoff is presenting the Adventures of Fuller Bush Man and John McCain in "OBLIGING LADY" (NSFW!)