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Friday, February 01, 2008

I wanna wear Ron Ashetons Loafers

Hyper Plastic (MySpace) is a Swedish one man act with a nice lo-fi electronica beat and an excellent eye for the important things in life we usually pay no or a minimum of attention to.
Like a song about "40 year old daddies on lawnmovers" with witty (but also with an all over scary based-on-a-true-story feeling to it) and intelligent lyrics:

"They haven't got laid in seven years
Mortage payments to their ears
And it will never matter how much they pay
They're the Myth of Sisyphus reduced to a cliché

The house is nice and the kids are sweet
But now it's time to hit the street for...

The 40 year old daddies on lawnmowers
Bound to break down later or sooner
40 year old daddies on lawnmowers
Bound to break away later or sooner
On their lawnmowers

Another great song is about "Ron Ashetons loafers" (you know the ones he wore on the Funhouse gatefold sleeve.)
Yeah, pretty hip shoes. Pretty hip song.
The track is taken from coming EP spring -08 on Novotone records. Watch out!

In the meantime enjoy these and more tracks over at Hyper Plastic's MySpace page.