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Friday, February 08, 2008


Do we all appreciate the beauty and symmetry of a truly horrific post? The K-Tel-iciousness (actually it's from the fly-by-night sounding "Musicality Productions") of mind-numbingly bad music downloads? Add a substandard flash photo of the album cover, with the name of the site it taken from--Negroes With Guns--and you get schlock Nirvana.

Quick summation of the tracks I bothered to listen to:

The Intro tells you that this is a "professional drum rhythm tool" for use with any instrument in any key. Kewl, I hate when the drum tracks are in the wrong key.

"Straight Ahead Rock 2" is the drum track you will want to select for your karaoke version of "Whip It".

"Pop Rock two" gave me a pounding headache in the first 20 seconds.

"Dance or Rock" begins with a snappy break, but soon falls in to a mundane rhythm....though the accompanying surface noise from the album has a nice beat that's easy to dance to.