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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Beatnik beauties

BEATNIK BEAUTIES (Los Angeles Times, august 27, 1959)
posing before a sample of beatnik art are contestants for the title of Miss Beatnik of 1959, which will be conferred Sept. 12 under sponsorship of the Venice Arts Committee.
GADGET FOR TODAY (Los Angeles Times, july 29, 1965)
Author Lawrence Lipton, chronicler of the beatnik scene, demonstrates his "robot," Duhab (detector of undesirable habitues). Lipton says robot ferrets out the undesirables-including censors, book-burners
WAY OUT ART (Los Angeles Times, september 3, 1959)
(Big Daddy) Nord displays an item from beatnik exhibit as Julie Meredith plays guitar and sings a ballad during recess in Police Commission hearing on license for beatnik hangout.
via UCLA library - digital collections (keywords!: beatnik)