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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Spread The Good Good PCL !!!!

PCL Readers !

Reverend Frost here.

Oh my bloody God, I can't believe I'd sell my soul to join this devilish organisation.

Its leader known as 'mrdantefontana' asked me (no wait, forced me) to join his evil team.
And hell, I'm no good when it comes to temptation.

Anyway, if you don't know me yet (poor you), I'm the guy/thing behind the blog
'SPREAD THE GOOD WORD !, a simple god-blessed and millionaire musician who just wanted to share his musical tastes to this side of hell in the first place, and, frankly, I don't exactly know what the hell happened, but I'm still here.

Well, so here I am.
Helping my new PCL Brothers to spread DA good word.

Folks, I bid you welcome.
And wish me luck, these guys are mad.
No wait, I'm madder.

From Purgatory with love,
Rev. Frost