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Sunday, February 10, 2008

I Love Europe

The Swedish semifinals for the song contest Melodifestivalen - which will determine which song we will send to the Eurovision Song Contest 2008 in Belgrade - started yesterday.
And I just have 3 words to say: I LOVE EUROPE

This song and performance is like a mix of traditional swedish dansband; Heino; a really cheap cabaret number; a Bavarian Oktoberfest (Hello!l .. Heino again ... d'oh!) and Lucky Luke.
The result is fantastic.

Added by 2008Norway

"I'm walking down the street, my feet feel like dancing - I Love Europe"

Note: I have created a facebook group to support "I Love Europe" and Christer Sjögren. It is open for users in the Sweden network. Group name is (of course) I Love Europe.
Notera: Jag har alltså startat en facebook-grupp för att visa mitt stöd för Christer och "I Love Europe". Denna grupp heter kort och gott: I Love Europe.
Välkommen med support och känsloyttringar.
Eurovision - här kommer Christer!