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Sunday, February 24, 2008

From Suriname: Orchestra Washboard

My favorite blogs are those created from pure passion for music. A comment left by Ben the Balladeer on my blog led me to his collection of music from (presumably) his homeland Sweet Suriname. Listening to the piece from Orchestra Washboard called "Langa Bere" was only enhanced by his description of what it was like to see them perform live.

Orchestra Washboard to me is on(e) of the best traditional bands ever from Suriname. It consisted of some of the best musicians Suriname had to offer.
This group was immensely popular and they did not know how to stop when they got started and the party was going, that's how this song came to life, improvised just to keep the party going and it kept evolving every time, consisting of traditional Suriname songs from way back passed on by earlier music generation.

Washboard mostly played at house parties in the early years. I cherries the memories I have regarding this band in connection with my grandmothers 70th birthday, they played like crazy that night and I've never heard "Langa Bere" played better then they did that night.
"Langa Bere" is a saying we use in Suriname for something that keeps on going and going. It can also mean boring, but listening you'll know it's not the case with this song.