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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Games, Dames, & Guitar Thangs

This evening, Mr. Baikinange & I were talking about the good old days, and he sighed deeply & longed for a copy of an obscure album by Funkadelic guitarist Eddie Hazel that was released in 1977 entitled Games, Dames & Guitar Thangs. Well, about 30 seconds later, the rare & elusive album was located online, and Mr. B was a very happy man. He claims Eddie Hazel is one of the top 10 guitarists of all time, and though 70s funk is not really my thing (though I did have a great time at the George Clinton concert he took me to a few years back), since it brought him so much happy, I thought it might appeal to some of you. Possibly more than Argentinian cuchi songs.

Games, Dames & Guitar Thangs by Eddie Hazel via Mista D's Music Blog