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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I Need the Bizarro Argentianian music, please.....

Can some talented and multilingual person please go to this site of bizarre Argentinian music and please help me figure out how to actually download the music and not just put it on a playlist on some incredibly pointless site called ijigg? I NEED the Beetles Americanos and the cuchi-cu (GOOD LORD that IS quite a cuchi-cu, isn't it though?) and can't can't can't figure out to save the music for my very own on my iTunes. You can post the answer here, in English por favor and not Argentinian or Portuguese or Serbo-Croatian or whatever they speak in Argentina, you can even use my super secret e-mail address baikinange(AT)hotmail(DOT)com, I'm well stocked on the low cost Viagra by mail and barnyard porn thank you very much, so answers to my question only, please. But this IS a personal emergency, you do understand, don't you.

oh yes, found at Canta Piriquito Canta