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Friday, April 27, 2007

The Refer Man

Lex10 here. As a brand, spanking, (see? I'm a little dirtier already!) new contributor to PCL, I finally have an outlet for some stuff I wanted to refer, but had no solid venue to refer it in. My regular blog GlyphJockey is more a place where I generally show stuff I've personally archived, plus my art. I do refer there, but it's more a bandwagon/holidays/deaths things (BTW R.I.P. Bobby "Boris" Pickett! Now you're a graveyard smash!) as opposed to hard referring. Did I say "refer" enough?

Here's my first post: SIVUPOLUT Finnish Pin-ups. Or should I say Piinukka Uuppaa. The images are not that large, and I get the impression that it's tied to some store there, but the reason to take a look is the interpolation of the American Pin-up magazines and paperbacks by Finnish publishers.

There's also an assload of other hardboiled/racy/noir imagery there too. Perfect for PCL, no?

Puuhakas Puna Tukka, indeed!

PMSFWUYWIACOS (pretty much safe for work unless you work in a convent or something)

Lastly, less words in future. I promise. If you care to criticize or praise on a personal level, go HERE
Thanks to Dante for the warm welcome.