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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Be EXCITED with SPACE PATROL at its new, earlier time!

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It's clear what has caused you that nagging, congested cough. It's been the late starting time of SPACE PATROL at LuxuriaMusic each Saturday.

The leadership of the world's Number One Internet Source for Exotica, Space Age Pop, Bollywood, Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys, Bubblegum, Latin and Bossa, Soft Psych, Le Go-Go, Le Ye-Ye, Le Surf, Le Turf, Le Blue Plate Special and Le Breakfast Continental has heard your congested cries for help! They've established a head-and-lungs clearing block of unparalleled internet radio programming for YOU that begins at 1pm PST/4pm EST/2100 GMT with Chuck Kelley's "Heroes & Villains," then Derrick Bostrum's brand new show "C'mon, Live a Little!" at 3pm PST/6pm EST/2300 GMT. Then Your One True SPACE PATROL follows at its NEW! TIME! - 4pm PST/7pm EST/2400 GMT.

It's all happening LATER TODAY at http://luxuriamusic.com.

To be sure, Your One to Two True SPACE PATROL(s) offer sixty minutes of the decongested and curative GLOW of PURE MUSIC. Tonight's exclusive theme: PHLEGM (consider yourself warned).

A whole series of closely inter-related activities, described below, are those in which you'll additionally be forced to participate, for health purposes.

Here's what you'll be directed to do (in addition to seeing a health professional):

1) ATTEND Luxuriamusic and its One True Chatroom at the aforementioned time.

2) WITNESS the Playlist in all its Splen-Dohhhr®.


4) VISIT the One True SPORK PATROL blog and comment freely.


This week's Program Note:

As always, thanks to Music Bloggers and to SoulSeekers everywhere for making PHLEGM PATROL playlists possible.