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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Pop Drek

I implore you, unless you have horrible musical taste (as I do) and truly adore the drekkiest of the drek pop music do NOT follow the link to 45blog to download the song “Salambo Part 1” by the Salambos. The melody sounds like a 70s theme song for the most laid back game show imaginable, followed by an off-key bridge belted out by a “song-stylist” who, with much hard work, can only hope to, one day, work her way up to having a tin ear. It WILL stick to your brain like melted bubblegum, and you too may wake up, as I did this morning, with this little ditty bidding a fond good morning.

I fear the only way to remove this from my consciousness will be a visit to Disneyworld to the “It’s a Small World” exhibit, until that insidious song has replaced it in my brain.