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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Cultural Revolution-Era 10" Records

The Socialist Road Is The Broadest Of All:
Song titles include: "Celebrating The Founding Of The Emancipated Serfs Association" — "The People's Communes Are Really Good" — "Carrying Manure Up The Mountainside" — "Young Intellectuals Come To The Home Of The Yi People"

"Carrying Manure Up The Mountainside", isn't that a song written by Dolly Parton? And haven't I heard "Young Intellectuals Come To The Home Of The Yi People"? Hm. Was it Beck's latest album? Or was it Momus 3:rd? I'm not sure.

"7" and 10" EPs released by China Records between 1965 and 1978."
Cultural Revolution-Era 10" Records, a small but wonderful set at Flickr uploaded by Oldtasty. (via Urban Retro Lifestyle)