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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Tadanori Yokoo: 3 Animation Films, 1964-65

Tadanori Yokoo: 3 Animation Films, 1964-65. "...Tadanori Yokoo, born in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, in 1936, is one of Japan's most successful and internationally recognized graphic designers and artists. He began his career as a stage designer for avant garde theatre in Tokyo. His early work shows the influence of the New York based Push Pin Studio (Milton Glaser and Seymour Chwast in particular) but Yokoo himself cites filmmaker Akira Kurosawa and writer Yukio Mishima as two of his most formative influences. In the late 1960s he became interested in mysticism and psychedelia, deepened by travels in India. Because his work was so attuned to 60's pop culture he has often been (unfairly) described as the 'Japanese Andy Warhol' or likened to psychedelic poster artist Peter Max, but Yokoo's complex and multi-layered imagery is intensly autobiographical and entirely original."